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You know the names - Janet, Madonna, Cher, Jennifer, Tina...the list goes on! These divine goddess' have spanned America's pop charts for decades and although many may be called "divas", we recognize the true deity, the soul and spirit that can only come from a true Queen of Pop.

Her Royal Highness is pure artistry, with performance tributes ranging from the heart and soul of Tina Turner, to the sugar and spice of Gloria Estefan. Creator and lead vocalist, Suzanne Jackson, has fashioned four decades of "Girl Power" to fit the image of the ideal femme fatale. She demands "Respect" like Aretha, yet, keeps "Control" like Janet.

Not your typical cover act, Her Royal Highness features look-a-like and sound-a-like artists, performing a full range of musical entertainment. If you like the fancy moves of Janet, Her Royal Highness offers a spectacular mini-concert tribute! Dancers will captivate you with funky moves, as our sound-a-like imitator performs a full range of Janet hits. Are the ever-evolving sounds of Madonna to your liking? Let us give you a tribute to the Material Girl, you won't soon forget! Her Royal Highness also offers hits of the pop princesses-up and coming, and ready to make their mark in pop culture. Compositions take the audience through the innocence of the sixties to the sins of the seventies, while capturing the "me" culture of the eighties and retrieving the serenity and strength of the woman of the nineties. In order to capture the essence of royalty, Her Royal Highness creates a sensation for the eyes, including exotic costumes and funky choreography.

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On Halloween 1999, Her Royal Highness made their debut at the Night of the Stars Halloween Bash, in Northern New Jersey. This was a live preview showcase with a tribute to "Janet - The Queen of Control". It was a great party and all in attendance had a fabulous time. Audience members were indulged with delicacies fit for a king and prizes were given out for the best and most unique costumes. In addition, Vinnie C., a remarkable Ricky Martin lookalike, performed - giving the ladies a treat they may never forget. As a result of this event, Her Royal Highness received bookings throughout the new Millennium.

Now, after a short hiatus, they're back to captivate audiences with new performers, new costumes and a fresh new array of queens fit for imitation.

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